The other night I was driving through the sea of city lights. Their bright burns spread like tentacles and soaked into the sky, slathering the velvet backdrop with the 1000 watt bulbs and reflections off billboard advertisements. The stars hid under their shields in order to protect themselves from the light. The jeweled sky turns to a faded and blurred sheet, a canvas for commercialism and chaos, traffic and business. I strain my eyes, searching for the pinhole glimmer, eager to catch a glimpse of something molded by God and suspended in His breath for all to see and marvel at, but the stars are covered by the lights, the bustle, the constant ries for material satisfaction. The people are looking for some type of wonder to fill the void inside them; the void that misses being amazed, like children are, by the seemingly trivial.
But don’t we have the same story as those invisible stars?
Fashioned from dust and bound by love, we are the embodiment of an idea that sprang from God. His fingerprints are embedded in the fabric of our skin and in the tracks of our veins. this artwork, this temple, this body that God himself calls a masterpiece. This is our gift to house our truest and most fundamental selves: our souls. Yet, just like the greedy city lights, envious of the stars’ beauty, the world and its defenses attempt to take control. “Feed them lies and bathe them in temptation, brand them with scars and haunt them with regret.
Disguise this as beauty, as fun, as life.
Disguise these diseases as health, as normalcy.

Paint a layer of the world and its colors on the people and pray that their original selves don’t shine through.”
If our potential cracks through the shell of dried, stale, earthly paint – we win. We would slam the lies to the ground, strip off the chains that keep our hopes from soaring, and most of all – we would scare the world that thought he could hold us as blank captives, like the lights and the sky.

Somewhere in a secluded area where the crickets are loud the stars shine bright and free, twinkling like a smile. Somehow we can do the same.

New favorite song: Ships in the Night – Mat Kearney