I like running because nothing can erase it. If I run four miles, that’s it, it’s done, there’s nothing that cancels it out. I invested, I worked, I gained. It’s protected by history and leaves its evidence in my sore legs. I am reminded with each step’s murderous strain. Even if I sleep for the rest of the day, it doesn’t matter because I ran and nothing can take that away.

At school I fill in bubbles and get grades. The more good grades I get, the higher my grade goes. Then I bomb a test and my grade drops by several points and it’s like all that hard work was for nothing because I’m right back where I started. With just one mistake, all that time and energy is drained and thrown in the trash.

So many times we use self – discipline instead of love to try and obey God. We get on a streak of doing the right thing, making the better choice – and then when we slip, it feels like we’re back at square one. Nothing to build on. Everything you were so proud of before…forget it, it’s gone.
God’s been teaching me that messing up is met with grace.
Trying is what matters, and little steps in the right direction count.
Even if you feel like you’ve made a permanent stain on your good work, you haven’t. Keep trying, don’t give up just because you broke a good record.

New favorite song: Hands – The Almost