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What’s hardest to give up? Is it physical possessions, behaviors, mentalities? Or is it all intertwined, twirling around eachother like ribbons, inseperable and connected? Physical possessions give us a specific mindset, whether that is contentment or greed or something else. Behaviors are also pegged into the holes of our thoughts, for our thoughts determine our actions.
Mike Yankowski is intense. He willingly abandoned his entire life in order to better understand the homeless population in America. Goodbye family, cell phone, house, blankets, refrigerator, couch. Goodbye money, bed, friends, job. Goodbye stability, comfort. Goodbye ignorance, blindness, apathy. Hello perspective, trust, compassion.
He lived on the streets of Washington DC, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, and San Diego. He carried with him only a guitar, some journals, a set of clothes, and faith.
“Although our journey took us to many destinations that were challenging, cold, and even brutal – like the night in Golden Gate Park – by God’s grace we did what we set out to do, and learned a lot along the way. For example: that faith is much more than just an “amen” at the end of the sermon on Sunday mornings; that the comfort and security we strive so hard to create for ourselves doesn’t even come close to the “life in the full” that christ promises; and that God is faithful and good, even when we’re not.
    Perhaps you, too, have felt a nudging toward a life on the edge – some place or task in your life where, as Frederick Buechner put it, “God’s great mercy and the world’s great hunger meet.” If you haven’t yet, is your heart open to that moment when it comes?
     We decided to go past the edge with God. One day soon, I pray you will, too. And when you do, I think you’ll find what we did…A bigger world, and more reason to care for it. More forgotten, ruined, beautiful people than we ever imagined existed, and more reason to hope in their redemption. A greater God, and more reason to journey with Him anywhere.”
I took this not only as something global or local, but as something to work on personally. We have grooves carved in our hearts where we hunger and crave for something more. God’s great mercy will meet that rut when we leap towards the threatening ledge. When we approach the place we’ve been avoiding in our lives. Parts of their journey were terrifying, cold, dark, unknown, and seemingly hopeless. But it was these times that molded them. They reached their destination and accomplished their goal. They learned, grew, and shared.
We don’t have to move out and hit the streets. We can start in our own lives and go from there.

New favorite song: Manifesto – The City Harmonic