apparently it snows here

Snow day #1 = today. Snow day #2 = tomorrow. Wednesday = ?

I was reading the assigned AP US History chapter and it talked about the Puritan separatists. They left the Church of England because they only wanted “visible saints” to be allowed in the church. But the Church of England allowed both the so-called “visible saints” as well as what the puritans called the “damned”. These prideful puritans were so opposed to sharing pews with the “damned” that tons of them embarked on the Mayflower and fled.
That was back in the 1600’s. How much have we changed since then, really?
We stay in this comfortable circle of Christian friends and cute Christian movies and lovely Christian music. We read Christian books and avoid sin’s traps and avoid people that “bring us down”. But I haven’t been able to quit thinking about those people that the Puritans tried to escape. Those people that we try to escape everyday in order to make things easy. By trapping ourselves in this Christian bubble we’re not making an impact. In a way, we’re doing what the Puritans did.
I listened to a pastor who began making a point of going to places that Christians didn’t go. He would go to the restaurants that Christians called obscene. He joined a motorcycle group with a bunch of manly rough guys that were going down the wrong path. Eventually, all these people that he was consistently seeing learned that he was a Christian. He was different than the other people in the group. He ended up making a difference by doing what some people would view as “unholy”.  He made a difference by throwing himself into a hurting world, although he was not worldly.
New favorite song: C.S. Lewis Song – Brooke Fraser