el perro de nix

Dear Ziggy,
There is a great heart inside your little body that the world needs to see. Right now, you are hiding yourself out of fear and countless defenses. I know that life hasn’t always been easy. I know that it must be hard having come from a shelter, and that it’s hard to distinguish trustworthy people from cruel ones. But you are missing out on possibilities for relationships that could make you happier than 20 beggin’ strips.
You greet me at Nikki’s door with terrified yelps and growls, expecting the worst from me. How can I make you see that I just want to pet your adorable little ears? Ziggy, I can see behind the walls you put up. You try to seem ferocious and mean, but you’re not fooling me. I can see that the issue runs deeper and that you’re really growling for help. You’re barking out of a deep need to feel loved without alternative motives. The chance is right at the tips of your paws, and if you reach out and claw you won’t regret it.
When I see glimpses of your shining face, lit up by hope of a milk bone, my heart leaps for joy. It took about half an hour just to pet your back, but it was worth every painstaking moment. But, Ziggy, I don’t want to have to bribe you with treats just to get close to you. Because as soon as I ran out of treats, you were gone. I understand that you didn’t want to risk getting hurt again and being deceived.
I can’t wait for the day that I see you jump in the air with your tongue flopping all over the place. I want to see you chase butterflies with reckless abandon. I want you to attack me with joy and playfulness as I open the door. Because you have a light to shine, Ziggy, and you are a role model with a powerful testimony. Let us in..even when we have no beggin’ strips.
I’m beggin’ you.

Dedicated to: Megan, Nikki, and of course Ziggy.

New favorite song: The Heat – Needtobreathe