mirror mirror on the wall

I was a weird kid. I involuntary cringe when I reminisce on my younger years. I’ll humor you.
     Henry and Smokey, my beloved gerbils, died after several blissful years of running in wheels and chewing sunflower seeds. We buried them in the backyard. One day I was staring out the kitchen window when two demon children ran across the yard, stomping all over Henry and Smokey’s burial ground. I started freaking out, yelling, and calling for my mom. “They’re stepping on the gerbils! Make them get off!” I stuttered, shocked, and my mom didn’t really know what to say other than, “Don’t worry..They’re in a box..”
     The school bus in intermediate school was an interesting place, too. I would get in the back of the bus, crawl underneath the seats, and see how long it took to crawl all the way to the front of the bus. Once, I built a seat out of wood in the top limbs of a tree. I then made my tiny brother climb up and sit in the chair. He tried to refuse, but, after all, I was older, so…it happened. He got up in the seat and then couldn’t get down. I left and he was crying until my dad found and rescued him. Whoops. My friend and I used to play month – long games of Monopoly in a closet in the bonus room. We would play whenever she came over and then later pick up where we left off.
     In intermediate school, my friend and I built a fort under our porch. We took my dog with us and pretended she was some wild animal. We would sit under that porch for hours, convinced we could build a fire with two rocks. After so many days of hanging out under the porch, we managed to clear out all the weeds and make some benches.
     In eighth grade, I skipped 16 english classes in the course of a year. My teacher was terrifying, and I couldn’t stand the class. I would go down to my old 7th grade pod and “help out” the teachers. Then, my social studies teacher from the previous year would write me a late pass excusing my tardiness.
When I remember all this, I just think I’m crazy. Sometimes it takes other people to reflect to us what we can’t see. My mom smiles at the memory of my gerbils, and I just roll my eyes. She is able to see something different in me than I am able to see in myself. People in our lives are here to show us our good qualities that we can’t find…and the parts that need work.

New favorite song: Overtake You – RED