it’s true i’ve failed, but your love covers me.

It’s weird how I never know what to say anymore. How to phrase it, how to make the words fit. How to translate this craziness. Whatever.
Mindset. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Let’s seperate fact from fiction. Scoot them as far away as possible and show me where tomorrow falls.
I remember when I played softball for the Rockies. I dragged my little bat up to the plate as my oversized helmet bounced with each step. My coach stood at the fence and said, “You can do this, Amanda! Be confident!” I looked at the big, bad, 9 year old pitcher and she looked like a professional. I tried to figure out a way to fake an injury so I could go back to the dugout.
I guess in order to be confident you have to know what you’re up against, and how to fight it to the best of your abilities.
In that moment, I needed proof that I could stand up next to home plate and survive…or just not get hit. If I hadn’t been playing since I was 5, and if I hadn’t gone to practice, I would have been even LESS prepared. I had watched this girl pitch, and I had spent hours in the batting cage. Past that, I don’t know if there’s anything else I could have done.
Confidence aside, I went up to bat with everything I had. Although that included shaking hands and a fluttering heart, I got through.

Then, there are the things that get tossed our way that we have NO CLUE how to handle. No experience, no practice. Where do you go from there? What happens when you don’t know how to fight back — when you’ve never swung a bat in your life, and that pitcher is staring you down?
I can’t think of any answers other than hope and a prayer.

New favorite song: Forward Motion – Thousand Foot Krutch