I wonder if the post below is making ya curious. Probably not.
I’ve been wondering why people are drawn to certain things. Why do we marvel at 300 foot tall trees and oceans miles deep? Why do people travel across the world to see the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest? Why do we gasp everytime we spot a rainbow?  Surely it’s deeper than a good picture or a cool view. Maybe when we take in those big sights, it answers a question. It reminds us that there’s something bigger than us…something more. We are not the end, but we’re also not the beginning. 
I was reading an article in a magazine about this non-profit organization called To Write Love On Her Arms, which is supported by bands such as Switchfoot and Anberlin.  It began from a simple, short, true story about a struggling girl finding hope and healing. Its vision is community and love, spreading the word of “your story matters” and “you have a purpose”. In a world with 18,000 foot tall mountains, it’s still weird to think that MY story.. YOUR story.. matters. The guy that wrote the story is named Jamie Tworkowski. His life’s work is the stuff people don’t like to talk about. His job is to talk about it. Not only does he GET IT, he shared it, and now it’s helping thousands of people world wide.
That right there is proof that there’s something bigger than us.

New favorite song: Breathe You In – Thousand Foot Krutch <—current obsession