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    So yesterday’s post said it was part 1, but I can’t even think of a part 2. It was about midnight when I wrote that, and I don’t really know what I was thinking I would do for a series. But there will be a series coming up, I’ve already started thinking about it.

    So, it’s been hard to pray lately.
    So, it’s been hard to journal lately.
    I have continually opened up my journal, scratch a few words down, and slammed it shut in frustration. I got so aggrivated with myself that my jagged,  hard-pressed black line of ink seeped through about 3 pages, leaving an angry indentation. I proceeded to take out some crayons and immaturely scribble all over the page until it looked like a tornado whirling up paint cans. Instead of concise and lyrical prayers, I can hardly string together a sentence. I’m so analytical that questions are ruling my thought processes. I’m delving deeper and deeper into things I see as distorted and trying to find the base source. I haven’t felt God’s love, but I’m starting to deem emotions and what I “feel” as invalid, anyway. Just because I feel a certain way doesn’t make it the best choice or the truth. Just because I feel like God must feel the same way towards me as I tend to feel about myself doesn’t mean it’s true.
    After several days of giving up, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take God’s advice when he says, “Be still and know that I am God.” I don’t have the words. I don’t have the words to talk to anyone, and I can feel my relationships being tested – even if they don’t know it. I always feel like there are these pressures that need to be released from my heart but I get choked up and am reduced to “Nice weather”. I don’t have the words to talk to God, because honstly, I don’t know what to say. A couple of words here and there, maybe a “thanks”, or a “sorry”. But for now, until I eventually get things straightened out, I’ll just be still and know that He’s making sense of things when all I can do is slam a crayon against a page.
    When we went to worship in the city, the speaker said, “Even just a smile is a form of worship.” I smiled right then, I couldn’t help it. Whether I’m pouring my heart out to Him with words and lengthy prayers…or just sitting in my room with my head in my hands, acknowledging God is what’s important. Breathing Him in and out, letting Him circulate through our minds and bodies. Imagining Him pulling the strings while we are mere puppets in His skilled hands. Be still and believe.

    New favorite song: Girl America – Mat Kearney

    PS – This guy is crazy. He’s 40 something years old and his entire youtube channel is devoted to showing pranks that he pulls on people.
    This is one of those pranks.

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    think about it: part 1 

    I know a lot of people are sick and tired of people defending celebrities, but this has been bugging me lately. I’m not promoting any of these peoples’ lifestyles. But sometimes I feel like we look at celebrities as names instead of actual people. We see what they stand for, and from that point on, we judge and criticize. Eventually, we become blinded by their bad choices that are showcased and broadcasted for the whole world to see.
    The basis of Christianity is supposed to be love. Love all – no exceptions. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Lovelovelove. Simple, blind, free. Love should be blind. Okay, here goes. I’m going to use an example here that might make some of you cringe. But.. Lady Gaga. She can be provacative and profane. Watch a couple of her music videos and it’s obvious that she’s not a conservative and modest person. So, she’s an extreme example of a generalization that has been repeatedly and hastily made. I have heard parents repeatedly complain about specific girls’ clothes nowadays: too short, too revealing, etc. Now, how different is Lady Gaga than some of the girls I see at my school everyday?
    Why is it almost ENCOURAGED to be horrified, shocked, repulsed, and full of hatred for Lady Gaga… when towards the girls at school, we’re supposed to just love them, try and understand them, and look past the exterior?
    There’s a good and bad side to everything and everyone. The bad sides of Lady Gaga are obvious. The good sides might take some research, but they are there, too. Her reasons for dressing so outrageously is so that anyone can be their weirdest, craziest, and most abnormal self and feel comfortable about it. At least she supports people being themselves. It seems like plenty of celebrities try to set the typical standard of excellence with high fashion and size double 0 jeans.
    This is acceptance, guys. This is love on a deep and stretched level for ALL people, despite their (possibly prominent) flaws and mistakes. In no way am I saying you should strive to be Lady Gaga. But, at least search for the good sides. The reason I used her as an example is because nobody gives her a chance after the first impression. If you can find a way to accept these people that have been so publicly bashed, it will be a lot easier to love and accept the people across the street who seem a little “weird”.  
    Another example – Tiger Woods. He slept with about 1938719 women. While he was married. We all know the story. There’s not much that can excuse that behavior. But if you’re trying to accept him as the messed up, slightly twisted guy that he is – take into account his apologies. I don’t know. We all make mistakes. We all have parts of us that can be admired by other people – sometimes it’s just hidden a little deeper. That’s what acceptance is all about. Acceptance = love = divine.
    PS – sorry if this made no sense written down. It makes sense in my head.

    New favorite song: Bend And Not Break – Dashboard Confessional

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      I love you, I love Gaga, I love acceptance.

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    to do. 

    I have been working hard lately. On Tuesday, my church had our work day for the mission trip. I raked, pulled weeds, and moved sticks on a trail through the woods. Yesterday, I painted both sides of our kitchen door, pressure-washed part of the driveway, and mowed our neighbor’s lawn. Their lawn is huge, and it took two hours in the blistering heat and a few water breaks to get it done. Unfortunately, it was a push mower, and there were several hills. Tomorrow, I am going to weed out this little section of dirt in our backyard that has become over grown. Then, I’m going to plant some flower seed in the space. I know it’s a little late, but I’ll just water them a lot and see what happens. I also need to clean out my car and mow our own lawn.
    It feels kind of good to actually be productive. So often, I feel like I waste a lot of time procrastinating, sleeping too late, and getting distracted. I’ll start out cleaning my room, but then I’ll find a book I had really wanted to read. So I’ll start flipping through the book and it will mention a camera. So I’ll remember all these pictures I put in a scrapbook, and then I get out the scrapbook, and there are pictures of cross country races, so I’ll feel motivated to run, so I’ll go for a run, and then I’ll come back and be tired, so I drink some water and sit down, and then I fall asleep, and then when I wake up I see the dog and play with her for awhile, and we end up running into the room with the piano so I sit down and play a couple songs, which reminds me of a song I wanted to listen to on my iPod, etc.
    You get the picture? It happens all the time.
    Attention spans have grown consistently shorter. In this century, it’s easy to become impatient. Switchfoot’s song “Chem 6A” says, “I don’t wanna change the world, and I don’t wanna be someone, I don’t wanna write the book, I’ll make the movie”. Have we become afraid of hard work? Sometimes I think that we are so dependent on instant gratification that we just don’t try our hardest. We look for shortcuts and take the easy way out. But after all the work that I’ve done over the past few days, looking at the finished product has been so crazy rewarding. Don’t be afraid of hard, time-consuming work. It’s better than you think. Be patient, do your best, work hard, and see the results. Don’t just “watch the movie”.

    New favorite song: Secret Crowds – Angels and Airwaves

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    beat the odds. 

            In their book unChristian, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons point to research done by the Barna Group that shows 16- to 29-year-olds who are outside of the Church (outsiders) have lost much of their respect for the Christian faith. Two out of every five young outsiders (38 percent) claim to have a “bad impression of present-day Christianity.” 
             87 percent of outsiders consider Christians judgmental, or that 52 percent of churchgoers feel the same way. Similarly, 85 percent of outsiders believe Christians are hypocritical, while 47 percent of those within the Church feel the same way.
    Isn’t that crazy? I read that, and I didn’t know what to think. One person at a time, we need to defy the standard that has been set. Be radical, be revolutionary, be a follower of the Lord – not the general hypocritical person that claims a God-driven life and lives according to his own rules. Don’t follow any rules or any example other than the one set by the son of God. Just fix your eyes on Him, and follow His lead.

    Some friends and I went to Worship in the City at the square room tonight. It was incredible, of course. It motivated me to start striving for Christ again. I’ve been so blockaded by shame and feelings of inadequacy and negative thoughts. There are some things I need to get out of the way before I go to sleep, before Sunday, before mission trip, before school. There are some lies I need to shake out of my head. It seems like every time I am at a church function, Satan attacks. He attempts to distort all the words until all I can hear is “this applies to everyone except for you.” Tonight, though, I was reassured that those words, those promises, those meaningful and life-changing vows, were meant for me (and everyone else). Tonight, I was met right where I am. I was met in the lowest stretch of land that my eyes have ever seen.
    I felt a pulsating love that buzzed, settled, and permeated. I saw not only group unity, but personal and one-on-one friendships blooming into siblings in Christ. It was exciting, it was real. And you know the crazy thing? It was really nothing out of the ordinary. It was just the sheer power of Christ, which is an everyday thing. That concert was not a once in a lifetime opportunity – it was a two hour portion of the greatest opportunity of a whole LIFE with Jesus. Today I was thinking about how we are just vessels. We are containers of something bigger than ourselves, and it is HE that is contained in us, and it is HE that works through us. We are His physical vessel and transportation device for spreading throughout the world.

    New favorite song: anything by United Pursuit Band

    • Meggers 12:07 pm on May 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I love you. You are amazing. I love seeing Jesus use you as His vessel:) Keep on writing. I love it:)

  • acleveland 11:51 pm on May 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    heart vs. brain 

    There are lots of things in our bodies that keep us alive. Most organs are necessary, except for things like your appendix, which can apparently be taken out – ew. But what are the ones you hear mentioned the most? The brain and the heart, right? They are both central and major parts of our body. The heart pumps blood through our veins, and our brain controls things we don’t even realize, like body temperature and blinking.

    I go to school everyday to feed my brain. It’s daily diet consists of how to add matrices and dividing complex fractions. I intake information about appositives, Aristophane’s plays, symbolism, and free verse poetry. Chemistry terms, including bases, acids, electrons, electronegativity, and elements are drilled into my mind. I learn about taking care of my body,  the effects of drug and alcohol, and the difference between “planned” and “unplanned” pregnancies. Social studies teaches me about the history of this country, the continents, geography, and ancient times.
    Our brains are constructed and developed by rigorous study and time. Teachers pound data into our heads until we are prepared for the ultimate battle: testing. Whether it’s a pop quiz in an easy class or the ACT, tests are the strenuous points of war as far as school goes.
    The heart, however, doesn’t get as much schooling. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it’s the wellspring of life”. Not the brain, but the HEART. It was fought for by Christ, and is attacked by Satan. There are approximately 930 verses that are related to the heart or hearts. Seems pretty important to me. One book is the base source of guidance and instruction related to our hearts: The Bible. All other Christian books concerning our spiritual well-being derives from scripture. There are thousands of textbooks intended to enrich our minds.
    So the question arises: Heart vs. Brain – who wins? After intense education for so many years of our lives, the brain would seem the more likely winner. But, our hearts are the wellspring of life. Our hearts are what make us FEEL.

    There are a lot of things that I know as facts in my head, but don’t feel in my heart. Even things as simple as “God loves you, Amanda,” don’t always register in my heart. I read things telling me in plain language that God’s grace covers all, that He forgives, that He loves me unconditionally, that He is proud of me, that He is not angry or disappointed in me, and that He listens to me. Yet, as my brain takes them in as wound up facts, my heart rejects it. My heart says, “I must be exempt. This can’t be true for me.”
    I want these supposedly true facts to be engraved into my heart, because until we lock these reassurances into our HEARTS, they are meaningless. They do not apply to our lives, they are not comforts – they are metallic, hard, and hollow.
    I’d say that the heart wins. The heart is what discerns fact from fiction. Our heart is what craves for the love, affection, and purpose that we all need. The heart is the wellspring of life. It sorts out good intentions from bad and allows us to receive love and give love. It gives us a unique personality and makes us more than intelligent robots. I don’t want to be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, searching for a heart. While my brain tells me facts, I need to work on transferring facts in my brain to truth in my heart – because that’s what matters.

    New favorite song: We’re So Far Away – Mae

    • Liza 12:13 am on May 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Well. I definitely think the heart wins too. Majorly. I also think that engraving His word into your heart is one of the most important things anyone can do. I super like this blog and consider it a winner. Just like you.

    • Kelli 5:56 pm on May 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I think when God wants to tell you something, he sends his message through your heart. Follow your heart and you are following God.

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    It’s 12:23 am and I can’t sleep. By the end of the summer, I’m going to be nocturnal.
    Went to Nashville all day yesterday and last night for an award that my brother won. We both took the ACT in 7th grade as part of this program Duke-Tip runs. Will qualified to be awarded at Vanderbilt because he ranked fairly high. We went to Vanderbilt and listened to college admissions administrators, deans, blahblahblah. My dad and I went to this talk that a guy was giving about merit scholarships. I looked around and everyone was completely absorbed and hanging onto his every word, scribbling notes like there would be a test later. There was basically a check list of things that he wanted to ensure that we all do to “excel” and to “maximize our potential”, including
    1. rigorous courses
    2. excellent GPA
    3. plenty of extracurriculars
    4. good teacher/student relationships for teacher recommendations
    5. anything else that makes you stand out
    My dad kept looking over at me and I was just sitting there, immersed in talk of THE FUTURE (dundunduuuun). While the speaker was rambling about college visits, ACT scores, college essays, and financial aid, I was feeling  pressured. The speaker talked about how the only way to excel in life is to challenge yourself and then succeed. Well, what is their definition of success?  Fame? Money? Intellect? Excess? Success is subjective.
    There is pressure all around to succeed. Unless we get into the right college or do whatever crap all these people expect of us, we fail. It starts a chain. If you fail a class, you might fail another, and then you’d fail high school, which would fail your chances of college, which would fail your future career choices, which would fail everything past that. You have to earn your way into college and you have to fight your way into the label of “succeeded”.
    I couldn’t help but be glad God doesn’t work that way. We can’t earn salvation by works, as the verse says. I’m glad God doesn’t make me memorize verses, take tests, visit churches, and seek financial aid in order to enter into His kingdom. We don’t have to devote our lives to studying for Him. We don’t have to get stressed out about becoming good enough to be accepted by God. We got accepted by God, we SUCCEEDED with God, the second we opened our heart to enter in relationship with Him.

    New favorite song: Aqualung

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    see ya prison. 

    It’s. Finally. Summer. It hasn’t even hit me yet that on Monday I can just sleep in, drink coffee all day, wear pajamas, see friends, go to the pool. I’m FREE. No more study sessions, cramming, homework at midnight, textbooks, teachers, notebooks, agendas, Chemistry, Algebra 2, Wellness, Band, Spanish…
    Sophomore year was the hardest year of my entire life. This year shifted my heart and mind until they were a little off-center. I lost all my friends from 7th grade and was too preoccupied with my despair to even attempt to make new ones. I just went to school, did my work, and got out in a flash.  My confidence level sunk. If someone smiled in my direction, I thought they must be smiling at somebody behind me.
    But this year also taught me a lot. This year taught me the rewards of perserverance, even when I didn’t try as hard as I should have. I learned all about grace, rejection, acceptance, loneliness, persectution, gratitude, and encouragement. Now, I have the ability to empathize and to reach out to those that I wouldn’t have otherwise. 
    My old friends watched me have lunch with Suzie everyday, I heard snickers as I walked past them. My old friends talked behind my back about how they kept who I introduced them to, but kicked me out. Towards the end of the year I finally found out why they stopped paying attention to me: I was too busy, and going in a “different direction”.
    Speaking of Suzie, she changed my life. On Thursday, she moved me to tears. More on that later though, maybe. I probably shouldn’t talk about it on here though.
    Most days,  I walked around outside during lunch or went to the library. There were classes where I was tempted to fake sick and go home. There were mornings when I said to my mom, “there’s no way you can make me go to school.” There were afternoons when I came home numb and tired and went to sleep at 7:00 because I didn’t want to think.
    But you know what else?
    Sophomore year showed me the people that will stick by me. I honestly don’t know how I would have endured this past year if it wasn’t for some of my dear friends that helped me along the way. Any form of encouragement that people offered my way — I guarantee it helped more than you think. Thank you to people for listening even when all I could say was “this sucks.” Man. It’s. Summer.

    New favorite song: School’s Out – Alice Cooper

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    Crazy softball game tonight. It went into the 6th inning, leading to a devastating loss. I get pretty wound up during these games, let me tell ya. Like a wind-up toy, I tend to jump around and scream and hop until the energy is gone. One half day to go, two more finals. Tomorrow, you will be reading a very relieved blog. 
              One of the things we have to write about for our next missions paper is what we need to let go of and confront before we depart. I’ve got a list a mile long, but it’s not stuff I can wish away in less than a month. These are issues that are leaving stains on my heart and my hands, leaving me branded and wondering. You have no idea how much I wish I could close my eyes, click my heels, and let everything fly away like dust. I have a great family, a few best friends, and a supportive youth pastor and sunday school teachers. Yet, despite all the good blessing in my life, somehow, I’m slipping and sliding until I’m in a place where nobody can see the bottom. A couple of people have leaned over the edge and looked down, but it’s too dark and empty. They can’t really see anything past a few inches, so they walk away. 
    I want so badly to be able to let go and confront. But you don’t understand. You can’t understand, because I haven’t LET you understand. I haven’t freaking told you enough to let you know what’s really going on, and I’m sorry about that.  I’m afraid if I told you what’s really going on, you’d freak out and ignore it. Basically, I don’t know how to confront this crap that seems so incredibly permanent. I need lessons or something. But oh wait! Who will teach me? Because then I would have to actually SPEAK UP! 
    I don’t know what to do
    I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me
    I don’t know who’s wondering
    I don’t know.
    I do know that God loves us a latte. Despite all my shortcomings, my burdens, those things I just can’t fess up, all the times I’ve just wanted to scream “GUESS WHAT?” at the top of my lungs, all the times I’ve been sleepwalking through life, needing to wake up. Somehow, he loves me a latte. Somehow, he’s forgiven me. Somehow, I’m not supposed to feel shame. But if you knew, maybe you’d understand why I do. Maybe I should let you understand. Maybe I shouldn’t.
    Please show me what to do.
     New favorite song: Rabbit Heart – Florence + the Machine

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    where i stand essay… 

    Hard to write today, so congratulations, here’s my reflective essay for English. I know it’s long. Read it if you feel so inclined.

    Day in and day out, the world attempts to tell me who I am supposed to be. According to advertisements, stereotypes, and a close-minded society, I should dress a specific way, spend time with certain people, and model my life after the typical standard of success.  Instead of forcing myself into a mold that doesn’t fit my personal aspirations and beliefs, I am gradually discovering what makes me a unique individual.
          I am a small, misplaced and unfamiliar town lost in the clutter of a map. Ironically, sometimes the most obscure towns can be the most memorable; people just have to visit and uncover the unknown history. I am the oldest of two, and surprisingly enough, my younger brother is a constant reminder that boys have potential to mature. He keeps me sane by occasionally driving me insane. His incessant chattering in the car is somewhat calming after a long day. My parents have pursued and caught the normal American life, complete with flowers in the front yard, a scruffy dog, and overwhelming bills. Together, the four of us are venturing through life in East Tennessee, sharing struggles and victories around the dinner table every night.
       The things I love keep me grounded and open to experience and explore the world around me. I have learned to not take the simple parts of life for granted, for they are just as crucial and beneficial as my life’s more obvious and prominent joys. Hope is as essential to me as oxygen. Without hope, dark days would blend into dismal weeks, starting a vicious and consuming cycle. I have even found shards of hope in the form of comforting smiles in a crowded hallway. I enjoy running and softball. Both sports are ways to escape the whirlwind of constant thoughts streaming through my head. As I run, the steady beat of my footsteps smacking the pavement becomes a soothing mantra, blocking out all distractions. Every morning after I smack off my monster alarm, I start the day with a cup of coffee, complete with International Delight’s hazelnut creamer. I am horrified by the wasted years of preferring orange juice to coffee as my morning beverage. I also love any form of creative expression. I am inspired by various viewpoints and the unconfined reflection that is released in the arts. I enjoy writing and wish to pursue a career in journalism when I am older.
            My beliefs have become increasingly complex and developed over time. What I believe forms the basis of my thoughts, opinions, and actions, and ultimately define who I am today. I believe that we are all beautiful creations of a God who transcends the boundaries of human imperfection and the abstract concept of time. I am open to people’s views on creation and a higher being; it is not my place to judge anyone else’s stance. I believe in acceptance and the power of listening to others. I think everyone is equal, regardless of social status, convictions, or appearance. Everyone deserves the same amount of value placed in their opinions, and I try my best to give my undivided attention to those around me. I have often wondered if it’s better to be blissfully ignorant or painfully aware, and I’ve decided ignorance allows inappropriate things to become normal in our society. I don’t want to become desensitivzed by the world. I don’t believe in being ignorant or oblivious to the real world situations that surround us.
         There are aspects of this messy world that I dislike. It annoys me when people get stuck in their own perspectives and can’t see past what affects them personally. It is easy to fall into the trap of being self consumed, but I think it’s important to place less weight on what affects me and to focus more on the needs of others. I can’t stand when I see people being left out or rejected. Being alone is accompanied with pain and desperation, and I can empathize to those who are in that position. Unfortunately, high school is where drama makes its home. The ceaseless rumors, gossip, and exaggurations are pointless and unnecessary, and can cause teenagers to resort to finding their happiness and self worth in destructive places.
         I want to have more confidence to speak up instead of fading into the background. Rather than making my presence know, I tend to quietly observe and restrict myself from voicing my thoughts. People have often referred to me as guarded, and I wish that I found it easier to allow others to break down my protective walls. I also want to broaden my literary and musical horizons. After reading Shakespeare and The Scarlet Letter, I have been surprised by how much I love and appreciate classic novels and plays. I respect the beautiful and thought provoking plots and language of these types of books.
         My life has proven to be an up and down learning experience. So far, there have been times of careless happiness, as well as seasons of sheer perserverance. With each day, I am trying to defy the norm of apathy and naivety by practicing compassion. I have found pieces of my personality that I did not realize existed by chasing what I love, such as art, sports, and my family. My beliefs form the foundation of my development as a person, and I am grateful for all the blessings of my life. I’m content to continue learning about life and myself on this crazy journey, because it’s proving to reveal who I am – slowly, but surely.

    New favorite song: The Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine

    • Kelli 6:51 pm on May 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      well. your 2nd to last paragraph i can relate to incredibly well. a week or so ago i was told by a friend that he hasnt heard me talk in months. sure we dont have any classes together but really? hes completely right. im dissapearing at school. a girl asked introduced herself to me thinking i was new. it was april. i have been sitting 2 seats in front of her all semester. ironically her name is amanda too. i want to be a person. i want to have opinions. i want people to talk to me. i want to talk back. thanks for this amanda. its given me something to think about. love always, kelli

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    Have you ever played the game Taboo? There’s a card with a word on it, and you have to describe the word. To make things harder, there’s a list of the most common adjectives associated with the topic word listed underneath. If you say any of those synonyms, you’re out, and you can’t say anything else about that word.
    If you think about it, our society has become like a big taboo card.
    There are so many unanswered questions, doubts, discrimination problems, and divided opinions amongst people. It all derives from judgment over acceptance, I think, but I’ve talked about that a lot. I believe that especially as a Christian, nothing should be taboo. Gah I mean, CMON! Stuff is happening in this world that is being ignored and denied, and it’s hurting people. If you know that things are going on, why not confront it?
         As a follower of Christ, I think it’s our job to not let any topic be “off limits”. Just because we should guard our hearts doesn’t mean that we should play oblivious to the issues and controversies going on in the world.
    Really, why should anything be unspoken about anyway? I can think of tons of topics that people wouldn’t expect me to talk about in a church. People seem to have a mindset of Christians being naive about “real-world situations”. We can’t ignore these “taboo” subjects. We can’t pretend that it doesn’t happen. Some people think that Christians won’t talk about things like drugs, sex, evolution, cutting, alcohol, abortion, sexual orientation, you name it. Maybe even just me writing those things in my blog has you thinking, “What the heck? What is she doing, talking about that?” I mean, WE ALL KNOW IT’S GOING ON. Why make it off-limits? There are people dealing with all this stuff everywhere you look, believe it or not. Being willing to confront it might be just what someone needs.
             We are surrounded by unholy things going on. But, that doesn’t mean that it has to be excluded from church conversations. In fact, bringing these issues into the church can eventually help the situation and clear up questions. Anything can be talked about. As a Christian, we can take these topics and be grounded enough in the truth to offer suggestions and our thoughts from a good, reliable Christian perspective.

    New favorite song: Save Tonight – Eagle Eyed Cherry

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